RiskMD is the insurance industry’s premier
data analysis platform.


RiskMD is a data analytics and technology company focused on the insurance industry and run entirely on a data vault.

RiskMD is a SQL-based data analytics and technology company focused on the insurance industry, powered by world-class data scientists and insurance professionals 

Since 2005 we’ve collected over 150,000 workers’ compensation claims and $250 billion in payroll data, in addition to other key sources of proxy information for benchmarking, pricing, and forecasting purposes.   

In 2021, RiskMD was awarded a process patent for the “Acquisition, Valuation and Management of Insurance Transactions” 

We can use our own proprietary, actuarially based models and tools, third-party plug-in providers, and/or the systems of our clients to create the most credible pricing and valuation models. 

Our technology platform includes a streamlined and efficient system to simplify the acquisition of insurance policies via API access to the insurance marketplace 

By coupling our decades of collective experience with empirical data and analytics, “we turn risk into reward” for our clients and partners.

We happily service clients across the insurance industry: Managing General Agencies and Program Administrators, Professional Employer Organizations and Staffing Companies, Third Party Administrators, Primary Insurance and Reinsurance Carriers, Insurance Agencies and Brokerages, Self-Insured Employers, and more!


The RiskMD team of experienced insurance and data analytics professionals delivers unprecedented technology and capabilities to its insurance clients. Powered by world-class data centers, we execute millions of algorithms to derive value otherwise hidden in our clients’ data.

We use the most sophisticated data visualization technologies in the world to create interactive dashboards that are web-based and accessible by laptops, tablets, and smartphones from anywhere in the world. Eliminate countless hours of spreadsheet and report preparation with RiskMD.

We use push notifications to automate the delivery of our analytics to your email inbox daily, weekly, monthly, or as certain criteria thresholds are met and exceeded. Each RiskMD email gives our users the ability to view a snapshot of their reports and access the system with the tap of a finger or click of a button.





Architected, created and built by renowned data scientists, actuarial fellows, and business insurance leaders.  Our capabilities focus on the following insurance industry sectors: 

Retail Insurance Agents 

Managing General Agencies, Program Administrators and Wholesale Brokers 

Self-insured Funds, Pools, Risk Retention Groups and other Alternative Risk Providers 


Alternate Employer Organizations to include Professional Employer Organizations, Global Employer of Record Platforms and Staffing

Third Party Administrators

Primary Insurance and Reinsurance Carriers