April 14, 2016

About Us

  • RiskMD is a data analytics and technology company focused on the insurance industry and run entirely on a data vault.
  • With our clients ranging from reinsurers to end buyers, we are able to use our own proprietary actuarially based models and tools or those of our clients to provide insight and better predictability to the insurance valuation process.
  • Our technology platform also includes a streamlined and efficient system that simplifies the acquisition of insurance policies;
  • We utilize our technology as a compass that provides our clients with the needed data and insight to navigate through the management, mitigation and prediction risk.
  • Since 2005 we’ve collected over 70,000 workers compensation claims, $250 billion in payroll data and 10 years of bureau and other pertinent data in a data vault to build predictive and stochastic actuarial models that allow our clients better pricing clarity and consistency to support their objectives for growth and stability.
  • By leveraging our knowledge in the acquisition, valuation and ongoing management of insurance transactions through data and analytics we turn risk into reward for our clients and partners.